Aravind Subramanian is one of the most popular stand-up comedians in Namma Chennai. Unplanned things are the best things that happen in our life. This is 100% true in the case of Aravind, since being a stand-up comedian was never his agenda. It all started five years ago. He holds a postgraduate degree in filmmaking from the renowned LV Prasad Film Institute. So, it wasn't surprising to know that he started his career as an assistant director. The journey of being an AD had its own challenges and gave him enough enriching experiences that he often shares in his comical acts.

Things changed when Bhargav Ramakrishnan of 'Stand-Up Tamasha' fame invited him to Urban Turban auditions in 2011. The first phase of his hilarious journey was depressing. Mostly, he would perform the opening act, then set the stage for his fellow comedians to rock on. But after much struggle and continuous persuasion, he has finally established himself as a brand whose shows often crash the ticketing portals.

He is one of those rare breeds who turn their weakness into their strengths. What makes him stand apart is his broken English and heavy use of the local lingo. He had his own reservations about the way he presented his comical acts, but thanks to his sincerity and hard work – the broken English and the use of local lingo worked wonders for him and now people thoroughly enjoy all his mannerisms.

His most popular stand-up special Madrasi Da featured 60 shows across 6 countries. The first show was premiered in 2014 and 1200 tickets were sold in less than 8 hours. A record that is still talked about in the comedy circle. The special piece of the show Why Tamils Don't Speak Hindi sparked an outrage as attempts to impose Hindi in southern states have always met with political controversies. In the segment, he tells the audience that Chennaiites know Hindi but don't wish to speak the same.

He further breaks all the misconceptions that are associated with the song Lungi Dance. While the live crowd has enjoyed every bit of it, the virtual crowd had their own interpretations which are visible in the comments section of YouTube where he uploaded the same. The comments section literally portrays the mindset of people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and their take on such burning issues.

And now, he is ready with his brand new show titled I Was Not Ready Da. The show was recently staged at the Bengaluru Comedy Festival 2017. We reviewed it and believe us, it was a laughing riot. Like all his shows, the tickets for this one are also selling fast. So, before a sold-out scenario for all the shows – here’s your chance to book tickets!

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