If you haven’t heard of Vir Das yet, you must have been confined to a solitary cave without any access to Wi-fi (poor you!). Vir Das is not just a comedian, he's a phenomenon. He's probably the most well-known Indian stand-up comic right now, and that’s not just in India. He’s been in Bollywood, he’s been on YouTube, has a Netflix special, started a comedy festival, and performed around the world. Okay, but what’s our homeboy doing next, you ask? Well, he’s returning to the motherland to make you laugh once again. But before you book your tickets to Vir Das – The Boarding Tour, here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about Vir Das. 

His hilarious Potcasts on YouTube were widely appreciated, but his claim to fame is the effortless charm that he brings to his stand-up comedy. In April, he became the first Indian to release a Netflix special which introduced him to a wider audience. His special, Abroad Understanding, had him talking about his life in India where he was born, Africa where he’s grown up, and U.S. where he went to university. The special was shot in two locations, in front of a large audience in New Delhi and in a cozier location in New York. He promoted his special on the late night talk show, Conan, with a stand-up act that had the audience in splits. 

Vir Das has a unique brand of humor that’s put him on top of the comedy scene. He’s not afraid to take shots at himself or make honest observations. Wrapping up some harsh truths in charming jokes is one that is not found often. His views might be sometimes controversial but they’re certainly entertaining. He’s made the Indian life relatable to everyone, including people in Western countries, which is commendable in itself. And he’s not just funny, he can be an equally good motivational speaker as well. You can see from this video for students who are waiting for dreaded exam results.

His latest stand-up special, The Boarding Das Tour, started in Amsterdam last year and reached Mumbai in September. After performing in Mumbai a few months ago, he's back to tour the whole country. Find out more here.