The comedy industry is very close to becoming the second engineering industry because every other aspiring engineer ends up becoming a stand-up comedian. Some comedians have the talent to be funny but still have regular day jobs, while other comedians give up everything in the pursuit of comedy. One such daring aspirant is Gaurav Kapoor, who started off as the former.

Kapoor claims to have a journalism degree and a corporate day job, where he spends most of his time collecting material for his show. His specials are mostly about things he has observed during the day, as well as his school, college, office, and of course, his general life. He is mainly known for winning almost every open mic he has participated in and also for the show he opened for Russel Brand in his India Tour.

Gaurav Kapoor is blessed with a name that attaches him to Bollywood royalty. His only problem is that he doesn’t look like one. He is actually a fully grown man, trapped inside a little boy’s body. (His words, not ours). He has some brand new jokes and ideas and his creativity starts simply from the human anatomy. He thinks of stuff that a normal mind cannot probably dare to make fun of. His friends often say that his off-stage stories are funnier but then, some things should remain off stage only.

Gaurav is hilarious mainly because his jokes are relatable AF. Right from references of hathichiti jokes to cliched school stories, every anecdote will make you say, “Ekdam sahi bol raha hai, yaar“. He came to Mumbai a few years ago even that has led to a few too many jokes on the subject. In case his name wasn’t clear enough, he hails from Delhi.

Gaurav Kapoor is one of the comedians who is on the right path with the right kind of humor. His stand-ups keep happening all over the country and you need to give this funny man a visit as soon as possible. And guess what? You can book your tickets right here!

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