Valentine's Day is just around the corner and isn't is just the most beautiful time of the year? Completely unaware of what lies ahead nine months later, you just make the most of this wonderful day. And hey! We don't blame you. Love is that amazing feeling we never want to let go of. Our country's hilarious comedians think the same, well, most of the times. Find out what they have said about "louuuu" over the years right here!

Aakash Gupta

This funnyman rants about his ex-girlfriend and gives us the scoop on his relationship, in which his girlfriend loved playing games with him. Want to know what kind of games? Watch the video right here aur bhai, khush raha kar!

Vikramjit Singh

Vikramjit likes the idea of marriage but likes the feeling of love more. So watch what he has to say about it. He really, really loves to be in love. You may have never met a man who loves the idea of love this much.

Kanan Gill

He became popular because of his funny take on Bollywood films along with fellow comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath, but Kanan now has a lot to say about relationships and love. According to him, every relationship is like a delicately balanced game of Jenga, which when you think about it, is actually very true.

So if you want to know what more Kanan has to say, just watch this video below.
Kenny Sebastian

From the little experience he has from dating, Kenny has a few rules for Indian boys to follow while dating Indian girls. So if you are planning to ask your crush out this Valentine's day, here are some pro-tips:

P.S. Kenny is now single. Don't be like Kenny, don't listen to him.

Aravind SA

This Chennai based comedian will tell you about his long-distance relationship and all that he and his girlfriend tried to do to make it work. But did their relationship survive? Find out in this video below.

Kautuk Srivastava

We all have had school crushes, some we think about even today. But some we regret and don't understand what we really saw in that person! So here is Kautuk talking about him trying to woo his school crush. Take some tips from this comedian, or not. We leave it up to you to decide.

Rahul Subramanian

Rahul was in denial when his girlfriend broke-up with him, so don't be like Rahul. But if you want to see everything he did while he was coping with this break-up, watch him give details of it right here in this video. Also, if you are in Gurgaon you can catch Rahul live in his stand-up comedy special – Kal Main Udega at Canvas Laugh Club at The People & Company.

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As for the babies, babus and shonas – you know it's time to shower your partner with all the love you've been holding on to. Maybe skip the cliche and take them out on one of these comedy-show dates? You never know, it may actually do you some good! Laughter releases oxytocin and you know what they say about oxytocin! *wink wink*