Hosted by Lasoon Live, Counter Culture and Heart Cup Coffee, the stand-up comedy show by Sourav Ghosh, titled “Mostly Death Jokes”, is here to entertain the audience in Hyderabad. Before getting into the stand-up comedy circuit, Sourav Ghosh was a renowned radio jockey who was a part of a prank call segment called “Happy to Disturb”, which was one of the most viral segments on Bengal Radio. His passion towards comedy drove him to become a stand-up comedian and, like they say, he hasn’t looked back since.

Sourav Ghosh

About the act:

Mostly Death Jokes is a stand-up comedy show that, as the name suggests, talks about death…a lot. His take on the death sentence is something you’ve probably never heard before. He takes his own personal experiences with death, like when his uncle passed away, and puts a hilarious spin on it. His take on elements such as suicide is thought-provoking. Sourav also speaks about the soup he has gotten into with certain political entities regarding a few of his, umm, brave comments.

The best part of Mostly Death Jokes is the ability of Sourav Ghosh to keep the audience laughing while talking about one of the darkest and scariest things ever – death. He makes us realize that we all are going to die so let’s just embrace it and maybe laugh it off. He succeeds in telling the audience that comedy should be taken with a pinch of salt and that his intentions are not to hurt any sentiments. His segment on why both the airports in Mumbai are named behind Chhatrapati Shivaji and his options on how it could be named differently is hilarious. The comedians who came in before Sourav Ghosh were also thoroughly entertaining. In fact, they gave us a perfect introduction before Sourav Ghosh blew the stage away with his laugh riot.

If you want to laugh your heart out for an hour and a half, grab your tickets for this hilarious entertainer. This will take you to an entirely new world, as you leave all your worries behind. Go for it and you will not be disappointed.