Are you looking for a reason to laugh till your sides hurt with zero effort? This stand-up special gives you not only that but Wait There’s Mor is actually so much more.

While many are quitting their 9-to-5 office jobs to begin their career in stand-up comedy, they’re usually not doing it in their 40s by resigning as the head of Xbox – but Anshu Mor did exactly that. 

He performed his solo stand-up special, Wait There’s Mor in Mumbai for the very first time presented by Weirdass Comedy at Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir in Bandra West. The intentional pun in the title is just one of the many reasons to see this comedy special live. 

He introduces himself as ‘a sophisticated guy from Gurgaon’, which might raise eyebrows anywhere else, but got a hearty laughter at the show. Anshu Mor’s comedy is almost entirely storytelling. If you’re one of those who avoids going to live comedy shows because you’d like to remain an audience and not become a participant, he’s the comedian you can fearlessly pay to watch. 

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He has many observations that you will find yourself nodding in agreement to. From his life in college to his experiences in the corporate life and even his strict parents, you’ll find something to relate to. You might have had the same experiences, but it’s seeing them from Anshu Mor’s comedy lenses that make you laugh at all the ridiculous yet common events of life. If you’re not already a fan when you enter, you are sure to be at the end of Wait There’s Mor. 

It’s only been little more than a year, but it’s no wonder how he’s risen in the comedy circuit so quickly – Anshu Mor is captivating on stage. Although his special only lasts about an hour, his anecdotes are so amusing, the time flies by as you follow him from one personal story to the next. Really how many more reasons do you need to watch the special than Anshu Mor?

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