It was a breezy evening in Chandigarh after a whole day of light rain. The India vs Pakistan cricket match was playing its own role in setting the mood of the city. But nothing could stop the comedy lovers in Chandigarh from reaching Qizo lounge. Parvinder Singh, finalist of the hugely popular stand-up comedy show on television – Laughter Challenge, was set to perform.

Parvinder Singh and Punchliners, who were presenting the show, had managed to generate some decent curiosity for the upcoming act. There were hordes of people gathered at the venue, all excited to see the young man display his antics. People from Punjab and Himachal Pradesh traveled to Chandigarh for this funny young man. The organizers had to make last minute arrangements for the guests as the number had exceeded their expectations. It was a packed show with not a seat empty and everyone waited for the young Sardarji to start the show.

After everyone settled, the show finally began. A brief act was performed by a junior stand-up comedian, who eventually introduced Parvinder and invited him on stage. He was greeted with loud cheers, applause, and whistles.

As soon as Parvinder started his performance, laughter rippled across the auditorium. The best part of his comedy is that he interacts with the audience. The spontaneity and innovativeness in his jokes with the live audience brought the house down. Moreover, Parvinder’s jokes are absolutely relatable as they are realistic in nature. He had funny stories to tell about the relationship with his father, mother, a cousin in Delhi, as so on. Once he starts narrating an incident, you can’t help but visualize yourself in his story.

There is a famous quote that says, ‘With our hectic lives, a dose of comedy is a must’. Parvinder Singh and his supremely funny jokes acted as a catalyst for the audience to rejuvenate themselves. He started off his act with stories about the struggles he faced in his life. He let loose with his childhood incidences of how he was constantly compared to his ‘Dilliwala’ cousin. Then he tickled the audience’s funny bone by describing the episodes of his school life. But the funniest of all was when the audience was interacting with him. Every time he cracked a joke, there was someone who had a thing to say to Parvinder. It was his reply to these comments that led to the loudest laughs.

Any act by Parvinder is incomplete without his immensely likable dialogues – “Mujhe ye karna hai!” and “Papa ne pakda aur peeth pe kuhni!”. Everyone eagerly waited for these quips and when he said these lines, the audience burst into laughter.

In a nutshell, the handsome Sardarji from Amritsar not only managed to live up to expectations but also consolidated a fact that he is one of the most blessed comedians in India. For all those who seek serious comedy and want to laugh out loud for one hour and end up with an aching jaw bone, watch Parvinder Singh perform at a venue near you.