If you’re a Bengalurean or have just moved to the Silicon City, chances are high that you work at a software company, in a 9-5 job, and are usually referred to as “techie”. While this profession has its perks (hello, good salary!), you probably hate your job. Sanjay Manaktala is one such comedian who shares this sentiment and has used this it to his advantage. So if you are a big fan of the ‘Shape of You‘ parody called “Biryani anthem” that went viral a few months ago, you will recognize him as the man who raps rather well.
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Sanjay’s special, titled ‘The IT Guy‘ had two opening acts. Both Kritharth Srinivas and Suhas made some hilarious jokes about unemployment and adulthood, and Suhas even managed to slip up some authentic Kannada slang that you only hear in the shady bars of the city. They did a good job at warming up the crowd by engaging them in conversation and comedy.
Sanjay has featured on BBC, Huffington Post, and Forbes magazine and has over 30 million views on his videos. It is safe to say that he’s a pretty funny guy with a George Clooney resemblance (his words, not ours). His sarcasm has no filter and his inappropriate jokes have several references to software terminologies. Overall, his show is ridiculously hilarious and especially relatable if you are an engineer. The show included a segment on the difficulties of being a 30-something unmarried man in India and being constantly asked about marriage. A lot of the time was spent on corporate India and he narrated funny instances from his own office. His stage presence was absolutely brilliant and he kept conversing with the audience throughout the show. His gimmicks and mimicking added to the hilarious banter and made the show an absolute delight to watch.
If you appreciate even an ounce of sarcasm and inappropriate sexual humor, then this is the show for you! Do drop in the next time he is performing in the city because you will not be disappointed with the experience. And what’s a better way to spend the weekend with your friends if not at a comedy show?