There are comedians who are born funny and then there are those who learn the art with time and become really good at it. But there’s also a third kind – Sumit Anand. Sumit is a comedian because he doesn’t like to work. Having a career is too mainstream and hence, he considers stand-up as his ‘side career‘ and his old jobs as ‘hobbies’. He doesn’t take comedy too seriously because he has more difficult things to worry about on a daily basis like ‘waking up in the morning’.

Anand was born in Haryana but he doesn’t have a Haryanvi accent. He doesn’t even laugh like a man from Haryana. He has grown a beard but his dimples take away the ruggedness of his face every time he cracks a joke. JK! He was born there but he doesn’t really seem to like the place. And if his lifestyle were to reflect in his material, his beard must be a result of the aforementioned laziness.

Sumit has done everything that a society asks for (like every other comedian) – engineering and MBA. His bank jobs, which he quit in order to do nothing, are just cherries on the top of his sundae. He says he is done with the world and society and hence nothing really bothers him. And even if somebody does, he makes sure to let them know and add the deserving ones to his stand-up material.

His jokes are all about his job, side jobs, hobbies, working at home, waking up from a deep slumber, and everything else that he does on a daily basis. His observational jokes are made upon himself because, well, he self-admittedly does not have a social life. His only interactions are with the people who come to watch his shows and those he riffs off brutally (somewhat explaining why he is not so social).

Sumit Anand has been in the comedy scene for a while now and he is savagely funny. He never raises his volume nor does he pretend to be someone else to make his punches funny. He is so effortlessly hilarious that every time he says something, people laugh. And if he isn’t saying anything, that’s probably because you haven’t stopped laughing on his previous joke. Sumit is someone you must check off your list of stand-up comedians. He has his most honed material ready to make everyone ROFL.

Things to remember while attending his show:
1. Do not drink anything while he is on stage. You’ll end up choking or giving the person next to you a shower.
2. If you want to write anything, just write it. Do not open your mouth.