A little history about Pratyush Chaubey – he used to work as a software engineer but he left his job to pursue his passion full time. Now he does stand-up comedy and tells people how much confidence he lacks. He has been on the comedy scene for more than three years doing shows all over India sharing his weirdly relatable life experiences with everyone. He hopes of coming on Netflix one day.

The show was hosted by Anubhav Singh Bassi, who switched from a law career to stand-up. And rightly so because he did an amazing job warming up the crowd for Chaubeyjee. After sharing his experiences of being a law student, he says that being a lawyer provides great fodder for jokes. This hilarious act was continued by Kushagra and Gurpreet Singh. All three did a wonderful job to warm up the audience because once Pratyush came to stage the laughter didn’t stop.

Well, Pratyush doesn’t write jokes. He just narrates his life story and it is hilarious. He doesn’t have confidence but what he does have is a bag full stories which made the audience laugh too loud, clap too hard and generally enjoy the show a lot. From his looks to his profession and his previous company, he cracked jokes about everything. He is a simple man who lives on rent and is trying to utilize his time judiciously but is failing hilariously so he watches old movies of Ajay Devgn. His father had high hopes from him (like everybody’s fathers) but soon accepted the reality… like everybody’s parents. His stories about the small town upbringing and married life feature a lot complemented with heavy doses of laughter from the audience. He loved the audience so much that he didn’t want to end the show and the audience loved him so much that they were ready to listen to his Santa-Banta jokes…that’s how much the audience loved him. The show was a hit. There was laughter, hooting, cheering, good food and plenty of drinks – I mean who wouldn’t have a good time.

The show was staged at Ministry of Beer, CP. It is a very cool and happening place and complemented the show very well. The good food and drinks made for a merry time.

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