They are observant, witty, quick on their feet, brutal, and funny as hell. Comedians are the cynics that the world needs. When they get on stage and do their thing, people either die with laughter or become a soft target (think twice before you book front row seats). They are not afraid to speak their minds and have an amazing ability to turn any situation, be it sensitive or dark, into a joke without sounding tasteless.

If you like watching a lot of stand-up comedy shows, you would notice that the observations that the comedians make through their acts are so accurate, so human, that you might just end up questioning your morals or compel yourself to have an open mind. And if you succeed in doing that, you will be gasping for breath throughout the show.

So to give you a good dose of laughter, we bring you a list of best comedians whose shows you should start watching right now!

Disclaimer: The jokes by these comedians are extremely potent. So get ready to take some low blows and develop a liking for some hardcore (controversial) humor.

George Carlin
He was one of the best American stand-up comics that ever lived. For him, no topic was off limits. He was a social critic and through his satirical style of humor, he touched on topics such as politics, religion, psychology, and so on.
Jimmy Carr
He is an Irish stand-up comedian who is an actor as well as a TV host. You might have heard about his peculiar laugh, but if you follow his work, you would know that his jokes are way too brutal and his one-liners are edgy and cut deep.

Jimmy carr
Ricky Gervais
If you are a fan of the original The Office series, you will agree that his performance in that was just the tip of the iceberg. His observations are spot on and can make you cringe and laugh furiously.

Ricky Gervais
Louis C. K.
Louis Székely aka, Louis C. K., is an American actor, comedian, writer, director, and editor. He too is blatant and is known for his deadpan, observational, and dark comedy. 

louis ck
Frankie Boyle
If you are looking for some controversial content that has the potential to nuke your mind, Frankie Boyle, the Scottish comedian is who you need to follow.

Frankie Boyle
Kevin Hart
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no… let me explain!” You would know what we mean by that when you watch his shows. Kevin Hart is dramatic, observant, and perfect with his timing and imitations. What else do you need?

Greg Davies
You have seen him and enjoyed his performance in the role of Mr. Phil Glibert in The Inbetweeners but you need to watch his stand-up shows to thoroughly enjoy his hilarious description of life events.

Greg Davies
Bill Burr
An actor, writer, comedian and podcaster, Bill Burr has given us some serious lethal comedy doses that will leave you in splits.

Alan Davies
He is the permanent member of QI and was a part of the hit British drama Jonathan Creek. Alan Davies is witty and knows how to crack people up.

Alan Davies
Bill Bailey
This classically trained musician knows how to whip up some mean musical comedies and political satires.

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