The final act of The Pune Comedy Festival 3.0 left a mark on everyone present there. A crowd of 7500 people cheering for a single man can be overwhelming, it was pretty evident that Zakir wasn't the only person with the tears of happiness in his eyes. 

For Zakir Khan, it was indeed a milestone in life. He completed 2 million subscribers on YouTube while playing for his biggest audience till date. For the 7500 people, it was a night to remember. The standing ovation didn't just mean his performance was great, it was also because many of his fans felt a connection and found the inspiration they were looking for. It was to show him that waiting on the lawn since the very beginning of the festival was all worth it.



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Zakir Khan was the headlining act on the third day of the PCF 3.0. People turned up in massive numbers to see their favorite comedian perform live and to listen to his new stories. Zakir is loved by people because of the connection first then for his funny stories. He is a storyteller before a comedian and a bhai before an artist. His comedy sessions are as intimate as a personal conversation. From his break-up stories to his poetry, nazm and shayari, one doesn't watch Zakir to laugh at his jokes, but to laugh with him on incidents that made him the man he is.

Zakir from the very beginning has based his content on his personal experiences, failures, and accomplishments. Being the only comedian who does stand-up almost entirely in Hindi, his connection with the audience can be credited to the way he speaks. Raised in a middle-class family, his stories have an emotional touch that makes an unimaginably high number of people in the country associated with him. His punchlines like "badal zaruri hai", "bhai tumhara warrior hai" and "waise to main bada sakht launda hun, par yaha main pighal gaya" are quoted by his fans, left right and center. The way he speaks of the comical aspects of a mother-son relationship and the next moment talks about the purity and secularity of the same, leaves everyone in awe.

In the last couple of years, Zakir has seen immense success. So much so that the stories of his struggling years seem funny now and his comedy looks like a piece of cake. But it sure takes a hero to be a comedian who laughs at his own heartbreaks. The situations that generally hold people back and bring them down, comedians present them in a way that you LOL at it. That's an art not everyone can master, at least not like this Khan of Comedy.

Zakir Khan in an inspiration, not only to the people who want to pursue a career in comedy but also for people who give up on their dreams. Well, all we got to say is be sakht and be yourself because to float as high as the sky, badal zaroori hai.