Hindi is a language that is often ignored but the recent years have seen a rise in the amount of Hindi stand-up comedians. Hindi stand-up has always been there, it is only in the past few years that it has got the recognition it deserved. Zakir Khan is a person who has redefined storytelling in a great way and is considered a gem in the comedy circuit for his language, quirks and hilarious stories.

From Forced to Be Single, to Haq Se Single, such is the journey of Zakir Khan. His rise as a comedian was rather sudden but lesser people know about the struggle before it. As Wiki fondly addresses him as a college drop out with a diploma in sitar, we get to know his need for ijjat and his respect for his family roots. Zakir belongs to a family with a strong musical background and takes music very seriously.

Zakir is also a writer by profession and ghostwrote for the initial part of his career. He has seen many ups and downs from the very beginning when he wanted to produce radio shows. His love for radio landed him at open mics and eventually to stand-up. His appearance on AIB Diwas created a laughter rage and went on to be called as "The biggest stand-up comedy act in India" by one of the founders of AIB, Tanmay Bhat.

Zakir Khan is one of the brightest comedians in the country. His ability to laugh at himself and subtly wrap social scenarios into comic punches has taken him to the place he is right now. Zakir is highly desi and that's what makes him highly relatable. He has a lot of hilarious tales from his early life, from his all-boys school and his family, all of it mixed with his style of storytelling gets you cracking and you can't help but just clap and nod in agreement. He makes ordinary things so funny it's unbelievable. For example, take clouds. Do they sound important or funny? Watch the following video and you'll know they are.

Zakir's rise was a rather quick one. He has become one of the most sought-after comedians when it comes to Hindi comedy. His language gives you a taste of shudh Hindi and Urdu which is rare these days. If for nothing, you can just hear him for his language. Hailing from a musical background Zakir is also fond of poetry and shayaris. He has also written a lot of them. The most loved and famous of all is Mere Kuch Sawal Hain. Hear him yourself as he recites this heart-wrenching poem.

He is a man of many talents and he sure excels at most of those. His sheer passion is what makes him different from the rest and better from most. Zakir Khan's latest special is called Haq Se Single, which is also his relationship status. The tour was a huge success and is loved by all. The special is also available on amazon prime. But to watch him live on stage has its own thrill and he is usually performing somewhere. If you want to catch him live, which you must, you can always book his latest shows on BookMyShow.