5 Stand-up Comedy Videos To LOL Over This June

Every month, we select five stand-up comedy videos for you to giggle over in your free time. Our picks for the month of June include Deepak Saini, Manoj Dogra, Piyush Sharma, Rajiv Thakur and Vipul Goyal. If you enjoy these videos, watch live streaming gigs by these comedians and get a few more laughs.

‘Haryana Ke Tau’ By Deepak Saini

Hindi comedian and poet Deepak Saini‘s set is all about a ‘tau’ (old man) from Haryana, who travelled on the Delhi Metro for the first time.

‘Serving Spicyy’ By Manoj Dogra

Manoj Dogra imagines a hilarious scenario from 1947, when the British are about to leave India with the Kohinoor diamond. Besides this, he narrates an uncomfortable conversation that he once had with his grandmother, and talks about the joys of living alone in his apartment.

‘Mary Jane, Meri Jaan’ By Navin Noronha

Navin Noronha gets candid about his experiments with a certain psychotropic drug.

‘Small Town & Pranks’ By Piyush Sharma

“Sex symbol” Piyush Sharma explains why asking a girl out in Hindi is not the brightest idea. While taking us through the struggles of small-town folks in big cities, he also indulges us in a few amusing quirks that people from small towns display on social media.

‘Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’ By Rajiv Thakur

Rajiv Thakur admits that speaking English isn’t his strongest suit, and that he is partial towards the Hindi language. He shares his thoughts on the various unique qualities that the Indian people possess, such as an inherent knack for ‘jugaad’ (resourcefulness).

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