Each month, we handpick five short stand-up comedy clips to give you a laugh or two in your free time. Our selection for the month of May features Abijit Ganguly, Anu Menon, Kishore Dayani, Rohit Swain and Saikiran Rayaprolu. If you enjoy these videos, go catch live gigs by these comedians once the lockdown ends.

‘Life In Mumbai’ By Abijit Ganguly

Abijit Ganguly was born and raised in Delhi, and moved to Mumbai a few years back. He talks about the numerous peculiarities that are characteristic of the city that never sleeps, from a Delhiite’s perspective. However, Mumbai isn’t the only subject of his amusement. He doesn’t spare his beloved hometown either. He tells us about “carmaggedon”, a competition among motorists on the roads of Delhi.

‘A For Ayaan, L For Lagaan’ By Anu Menon

Anu Menon has a son whose rather atypical talents were discovered by his montessori school. She rants about the perils of having a half-Gujarati child, and remembers the time he had a colonial hangover on a holiday in London.


‘Resignation, Boss And HR’ By Kishore Dayani

Kishore Dayani has hilarious takes on the ways of the corporate world. He tells us about the time he resigned from his job, and explains why he doesn’t think very highly of human resource professionals.

‘Hyderabad & Biryani’ By Rohit Swain

Rohit Swain is a proud Hyderabadi. Predictably, he’s crazy about biryani. He narrates a hilarious incident about road rage in Hyderabad, which differs significantly from road rage in Delhi. He also tells us which biryani he thinks is a scam (hint: It isn’t veg biryani).

‘Dark Skinned & Getting Married’ By Saikiran Rayaprolu

Saikiran Rayaprolu uses humour to address the subtle racism in Indian society in this straight-faced set. He elaborates on why getting married is a challenge for him, and explains why he believes Lord Krishna wasn’t a thief.


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