Every month we select comedy videos over which to have a few laughs. Here’s our pick of five videos for the month of October, featuring Abijit Ganguly, Manish Tyagi, Neelaksh Mathur, Rahul Dua and Sundeep Sharma. Catch gigs by these guys through the month.

‘Sourav Ganguly My Uncle’ By Abijit Ganguly

Abijit Ganguly bears a famous last name. He gives us a hilarious account of the time he monetised his illustrious surname in school. He also explains why he thinks cricket was much better in the ’90s, and talks about his favourite cricketer.

‘Punjabi Aunty Aur Indigo’ By Manish Tyagi

Manish Tyagi aka Knotty Commander talks about his favourite airline and the various quirks of Punjabi aunties. He also has hilarious takes on the charming city of Ludhiana and the national vegetable of Indian mothers, lauki (bottle gourd).

‘I Want To Be A Legend’ By Neelaksh Mathur

Neelaksh Mathur is determined to obtain legendary status in this lifetime, and has even charted out a plan to get there. He explains why riots require a lot of effort and talks about the pressure on a comedian to have liberal views all the time.

‘Beans’ By Rahul Dua

Rahul Dua quips about his social media savvy girlfriend and Oyo Rooms (“a reproductive establishment”). He talks about the difficulties of being a Punjabi living outside Punjab, and the “magic topping” that his mother puts on pizza, french beans.

‘Bareilly Ka Vasco Da Gama’ By Sundeep Sharma

Sundeep Sharma left his hometown of Bareilly to move to Mumbai, and hence considers himself the Vasco Da Gama of Bareilly. He serves up insights on the various species of relatives found at a wedding, and tells us about his tall classmate in school who was once caught gambling.

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