Our selection for September stand-up comedy videos for you features Aakash Mehta, Anshu Mor, Gaurav Gupta, Gaurav Kapoor and Punit Pania. You can also catch their live performances through the month.

‘Tinder Tips’ By Aakash Mehta

Aakash Mehta loves being a “freelance boyfriend” via online dating apps. In this ‘Tinder 101’, he talks about how online dating isn’t a level playing field for men and women and shares insight about the various species he has encountered on the app.

‘Confidence Bahut Hai’ By Anshu Mor

Anshu Mor is in his forties and has no inclination to learn anything new. He insists that if one possesses enough confidence, it can compensate for lack of knowledge. He shares his thoughts on sushi, chopsticks and wine, and also cracks some jokes at the expense of his wife and son.

‘Delhi NCR’ By Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta hails from Laxminagar, a crowded suburb in east Delhi, but has now moved to Ghaziabad. He talks about the daily life struggles he’s faced there and elaborates on the various ways by which you can meet your death in Laxminagar. He also holds forth on why he believes “South Delhi peeps” are blessed.

‘Smartphones And Passwords’ By Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav Kapoor is frustrated with the plethora of passwords and OTPs we deal with in day-to-day life. He also has no love for captcha codes, which he thinks are ‘letters that didn’t get vaccinated for polio’. Apart from this, he has hilarious takes on special characters that are often mandatory for a password.

‘Indian Jobs & Interns’ By Punit Pania

Punit Pania tells us why he doesn’t think there’s unemployment in India and talks about the new-age jobs in the country. He believes that stand-up comedy is the “Goa of career options”, and also shares his thoughts on interns, aka the “sub-human species” of the corporate world.

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