Coming from a small town in UP, this ‘Brahman Bro’ had a lot to encounter in the big city. He tried his hand in acting, television scriptwriting, radio production, providing voice-overs, to stand-up. Thus, Sundeep Sharma’s experiences make for great comedy material. With his stand-up show at the Canvas Laugh Club, he gives us a rib-tickling look into his life as well as the observations of the people around him.


The show began with host Kishore Dayani giving us a taste of what to expect, with relatable humor of belonging to a small town and moving to the big city. He tried joking with the audience and pulled a few legs while pumping us up to introduce the main man on stage.

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He might look like an ordinary guy, but Sundeep Sharma took us by surprise with his extraordinary hilarity. He began with the usual self-deprecating humor about why he didn’t have much hair on his head. He then took a deep dive into his life as a Jain and what it was like to grow up with a no-nonsense father and a highly emotional mother. Being a Brahmin from Bareilly, he was the pride of his family who had a lot of questions to ask about his life in Mumbai.

His observations on living in the big city had the audience in splits because of how spot-on they were. From enduring the Mumbai locals, to painful people on flights, and finally being able to watch English shows without subtitles, he’s been through it all.

Sundeep Sharma didn’t really understand why so many comedians kept going on and on with the ghisa-pita ‘marriage-is-horrible’ jokes until he became a married man himself. His life was never the same after a court wedding and an eventful wedding reception with a baarat and a banquet. Being in an inter-religious marriage, he also got the added curveball of having a Punjabi wife that wrote about gender rights. He gave us his hilarious take on feminism as a man from UP.

As Sundeep Sharma took us through these diverse experiences of his life, The Canvas Laugh Club was roaring with laughter all night. With his unpredictably funny ‘Brahmin Bro’ humor, this is one stand-up comedian you should watch live.

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