In his thoroughly enjoyable new set, a show of which we watched at The Habitat, stand-up comedian Vijay Yadav says many fond things about his home state Haryana. Predominantly in Hindi, Yadav regaled the audience with fun stories about his Haryanvi upbringing, his friends and his early career. Here’s what you can expect from Vijay Yadav Live.

There’s no place like home

You cannot take Haryana out of Vijay Yadav. The Haryanvi jaat loves talking about his home state. He shares anecdotes on college life in Haryana, the best line of work there and the Haryanvi youth’s obsession with going to the gym.

His favourite superhero doesn’t belong to Marvel or DC

Growing up, Yadav was a huge fan of Shaktimaan, a superhero show that ran on Doordarshan in the late 90s and early 2000s. Shaktimaan would not only fight bad guys, he would teach kids good values and habits. Yadav was completely hooked until a life-changing disclaimer started appearing at the start of the show.

His friends are his real treasures

Yadav has some pretty quirky friends. There’s one who is a compulsive liar, one who is obsessed with the “Titanic pose”, one who is a pothead lawyer and one whose life pretty much revolves around flexing his beefy muscles. Yadav has hilarious stories about each of them.

The trek that proved to be more uphill than expected

Once, while on a holiday in McLeod Ganj, Yadav and his pals decided to go trekking. Yadav had a hard time coping with the physical demands of the trek on the one hand, and dealing with the antics of his friends (who were under the influence of a certain psychotropic drug) on the other. This is clearly the best bit of the show, as he narrates the hilarious series of events that took place. Not surprisingly, he swore off trekking for the rest of his life.

The time he tried to nurture the youth

A design engineer by qualification, Yadav decided to open a coaching class after failing to land a decent job after graduating. He talks about the difficulties he faced while running a coaching institute and the type of students who came there.

Vijay Yadav is currently touring the country with Vijay Yadav Live. Catch his show in your city.