In what he terms the “strangest stand-up special”, actor and comedian Vir Das puts forth one single question to his audience: “What’s the first thing you’re going to do once the world reopens?” Filmed between March and July 2020, Inside Out is a special for charity that comprises 30 shows, packed into one 50-minute edit. In Zoom conversations with people from across the world who can’t wait for the virus to disappear, Das brings up everything from social distancing and sanitisation to the Kohinoor diamond and the pointlessness of bhangra classes.

“Go Karuna, go!”

Das invites audience members to begin the show by joining him in reciting the anti-COVID mantra. “Go Karuna, go!” he yells, along with the audience that can’t help cracking up.

The million dollar question

At the beginning of each show, Das asks what his audience plans to do when the lockdown ends. While one boy from Udupi just wants to eat some ice-cream, another can’t wait to go meet his girlfriend.

Das knows how to work a crowd

The wonderful thing about this special is the fact that Das strikes between his piece and the crowd’s responses. He doesn’t overshadow them but allows them to shine and in the process, keeps a genuine conversation going.

It’s worth watching till the end

All we’ll say is that the show wraps up with clips that will warm your heart.

Inside Out is available for viewing until Monday, August 31. Watch it here.


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