Comic Con, the largest weekend-long celebration of all things geeky, is coming up in four cities, which means fans can come together and show their favourite comic, television and movie franchises some love. Like every year, fans from all over the country are preparing for two days of celebrating pop culture, starting Saturday, October 12 in Hyderabad. The event will then travel to Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

Though fans are the driving force of the event, they aren’t the only ones who will be attending. There will also be celebrity meet and greets and epic exhibits from various franchises.

No Comic Con would be complete without cosplayers. You’ll see fans dressed up as their favourite characters and if you’re a hardcore fan yourself, feel free to roam the convention in costume. (Just don’t go as Deadpool. Everyone does Deadpool.) While you’re at it, shop for merch such as T-shirts, collectibles and comic books.