You are leading a just-as-usual life. Toiling hard. Getting through the day. Making deadlines. Meeting deadlines. Standing up for your actions. Building some motivation at the start of the day only to break it by sunset. Dreaming. Wishing life was a little more fun. Wishing there were lesser targets. Wishing that your salary didn’t matter so much. Oh snap! A sudden realization strikes and you know nothing much is going to change. Unless of course, you just laugh off your miseries! 

Laugh it off. That is what they profess. Laugh it off. That is what they preach. Laugh it off. That is what they do! These people are nobody else but the very people who make our days a wee bit more funny. These people are what we famously call stand-up comediansThese talented few manage to make our ever boring stretched days into funny experiences which can crack us up. O yeah! They are talented and how!

When the best of these comedians come together, it is a fools night in action. ‘Fools Night’: this is what they call it. Fools Night is a show put together wherein the best stand up comedians of the country come together under one roof, interact with their audiences, and LOL! 

A show put together by the very popular Canvas Laugh Club, ‘Fools Night’ has all the ingredients to not only tickle your funny bone but also leave you in sidesplitting laughs. Popular for bringing to fore artists who have contagious comic timing, the team of Canvas Laugh Club will make sure that their jokes linger in your minds and continue to make you laugh throughout the week. 

Through Fools Night the team brings you the best stuff in comedy and create a perfect line up week after week. Reservations of this show have seen an upswing on popular ticketing platforms like BookMyShow , and this has only just given their popularity a new definition altogether.With hilarious whiz’s like Amogh Ranadive, Kunal Kamra, Aadar Malik, Nishant Tanwar, Utsav Chakraborty & Hijas Moosa taking the center stage, you’d be only a fool to give ‘Fools Night’ a miss!

Written By: Nikita Mehta