East India Comedy is one of India’s most successful stand-up comedy groups and well, they deserve to be. Their jokes are about relevant topics, make sense to some extent, and are downright hilarious. Last Friday, EIC treated Mumbai with two back-to-back shows titled EIC: Making Shit Up, at Habitat, located on the fourth floor of Hotel Unicontinental, right outside Khar station. I attended the 9 o' clock show, which began approximately one hour later. A large, enthusiastic crowd filled the venue and was eagerly waiting for these comedians to take the stage.

Soon, the famous personalities lined up giving an excellent performance one by one, making us laugh harder with every minute gone by. The first to come on stage was the handsome Sapan Verma, followed by the others and eventually a surprise act in the end. Let’s take you through the performance of each comedian separately so you understand why you need to book your tickets the next time you feel like attending a stand-up.

Sapan Verma

The charming comedian spoke about the generation gap between him and his parents, which often leads to embarrassing yet hilarious situations. He also touched on a lot of other elements about the city of Mumbai, primarily on the shortage of space in the city. Sapan’s comedy is clean, to the point, and often touching politics and the society in general. One of the youngest talents in the Indian comedy scene, you will find yourself instantly developing a liking for him. God promise!

Angad Singh Ranyal

Angad is a Punjabi dude from Delhi who is often called a 'serious comedian'. The first thing I noticed about him was his typical Delhiite accent, which for a Mumbaiwali like me was totally amusing. He spoke about ordinary experiences like his marriage and family but with a pinch of sarcasm and comedy to it. Every comedian began his performance with the mention of Mumbai and his relationship with the city. 




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Sahil Shah

Sahil Shah’s comedy is cute, to say the least. The bowtie-wearing comedian gave an interesting insight into the annoying sound effects used in television comedy shows and on the idiosyncrasies of Indians. Sahil has the talent to lighten your mood on any given day. I would suggest that everyone attend his solo shows as he is one of my favorites.

Kunal Rao

I had never seen Kunal’s comedy per se and therefore for me, this performance was fresh as a dew. His comedy revolved around food. Being a vegetarian, the man harbors a lot of hatred against all those egoistic non-vegetarians who look down upon those not among them. His observations on the concept of fine dining were insane and made everyone fall off their chairs.

Azeem Banatwala

Azeem looks like an innocent geek, but do not fall prey to his looks. His stand-up, no doubt, led to the audience roaring with laughter. But the one thing I found amazing was how all his jokes made sense and somehow showed how ignorant we all are. 

The last surprise act for the evening consisted of parody songs on topics like international politics and demonetization, which in one word was 'fantastic'. This was a paisa vasool show and I would suggest that you too book tickets for either these comedians' solo performances or more EIC shows here.