Mumbai has a pretty great stand-up comedy scene. And it is collectives like Chalta Hai Comedy, SnG Comedy, East India Comedy and more that keep it lively. An NGO run by Punit Pania, Chalta Hai Comedy regularly hosts specials and one of them is Dirty @ 8:30.

Now in its 15th edition, the special debuted at Razzberry Rhinoceros in Juhu last night, May 3. The good guys at the venue had a great offer exclusively for the audience – for every drink bought between 7 and 9 pm, Razz gave the second one on the house, which was just a bonus for the beer/soft drink already included in the ticket price.

Hosted by Punit Pania, the performers for the evening were Andy ReghuReza Noorani and Hijas Moosa. The dress code included smart casuals with closed footwear, which makes me wonder, how did Andy enter with his chappals? No wonder they thought he was the electrician.

Punit opened the show by warming up our funny bones, before introducing the first act of the evening – Anand (Andy) Reghu. Andy's energy cheered up anyone who still wasn't, after Punit's opener. He began by asking what the crowd's favorite gaali was. And the crowd responded enthusiastically because why would we Indians miss a chance to yell out cuss words in public? That's when things began to get dirty even though it was almost 9:30.

Then came the soft spoken but surely disturbing, Reza Noorani. He spoke about his failed love life, inevitably justifying what makes it a failure in the process. Chugging the beer didn't help erase the mental images he planted in our heads. The final act was the calm chor, Hijas Moosa. His calmness was reminiscent of an old school physics teacher. Explaining his traveling experiences in pure hilarity, he claimed his stories were true.

Punit served as the perfect host, filling in between each act with ease. All comedians involved the audience, so some of us could actively participate in adding humor to the evening. As you'd expect, things got rather dirty. Just don't make the same mistake as I did – asking your mother to join in for the show. Less than 20 minutes into the show, I had to sit on another table. Well, at least I got to have her beer!

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