Drop Dead Funny Most Thursdays, the best thing about Thursday happens to be that you’re just a day away from the glorious weekend. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Last Thursday, on 11th May, Drop in Bandra held an aptly named stand-up comedy event, Drop Dead Funny: Episode 5. And although nobody literally dropped dead, many tears were shed while the audience almost died with an extra dose of the best medicine – laughter, obviously. The event was curated by Weirdass Comedy, a comedy group created by Vir Das, who’s become the first Indian comedian to have his own Netflix special.

Drop is known for its parties, but if you want to head over there to grab a bite and a few drinks and you’re not too fond of crowds, heading there on a quiet weekday for an event like Drop Dead Funny is your best option to enjoy the place. With tickets that were fully redeemable against the food and drinks menu, you know you are in for a good time before you even get started. Besides, what else would you rather do after work on a Thursday to unwind? It has no formal atmosphere and you don’t have to worry about missing anything even if you get a little late heading there.

These are the comedians you can also catch on YouTube but seeing them perform in front of you while they interact with the audiences is a whole different experience altogether. Amogh Ranadive was the opening act and also provided a smooth segue between comedians. Manan Desai talked about being an RJ and all the hijinks of being Gujarati. Abhijeet Ganguly was an unexpected surprise guest for the evening, but a welcome one. Sumukhi Suresh talked about moving to Mumbai from Bangalore and provided a fine close to the excellent line-up. 


Coming from different cultural backgrounds, they all provided a hilarious yet relatable insight into their lives. Whether it’s the hardships of going through a breakup, the odd naming conventions, or the woes of joining a family WhatsApp group, it was all presented with a funny spin. Happening the day after the hyped Justin Bieber concert, making jokes about it was both inevitable and irresistible. The jokes were many, some even new, untested bits, but the comedians were frank enough to admit that it was work-in-progress, which made it heartening. In all, there’s no political correctness, but sometimes it’s best to let loose and laugh your heart out.  

A word of warning – don’t sit in the front row unless you can handle being riffed off.  They might hold a microphone, but it feels like hearing and interacting with a friend who talks too much, but you don’t mind it because they make you laugh. 

Don’t be sad if you missed the show. While you wait for the next episode of Drop Dead Funny, you can catch other stand-up comedy events to crack you up on BookMyShow.