Since our childhood, we have all watched Johnny Lever play some epic roles in Bollywood movies. And through those roles, he has won our hearts by making us laugh till we drop. He has also set a high standard for comics in the industry. Now, he is back on stage and he has all the right jokes and moves (yes, the man can dance and can give Saroj Khan a tough competition) to have the audience rolling in laughter.

The Johny Lever Live! Stand-up comedy show was organized by J. Abbas and Anuj Bajaj in association with Mahek Creation Vijay Chavhan and Manish Bhalani at the Nehru Auditorium in Worli. This three-hour long show was worth every penny. Yes, the show was that long and no, Johnny Lever didn’t perform for the entire duration. The major chunk of the show was performed by Johnny lever and filler stand-up performances were done by Dr. Sumedh Shinde, a dentist who moonlights as a mimicry artist and Jamie Lever, the budding stand-up artist who is the daughter of the legend himself. These filler acts were neatly timed and were equally entertaining. During the entire duration of the show, not for a single minute would you check your watch to see how much more time was left for the show to wind up. The show started at a good pace and from there on the energy levels soar to the next level.Johny Lever
The show began with a brilliant introduction that made people feel that they have boarded a laughter aircraft. To break some ice, Dr. Sumedh Shinde made a typical Bollywood entry and then he blew the audience away with his imitations of some of the Bollywood celebrities. After his act, Johnny Lever made a dhamaakedar entry to some groovy Marathi music. From that very point, you were sure that you were in for an entertaining night.

Johnny Lever may be close to 60, but he still has that charm and is filled with so much energy that is extremely contagious. The way he expresses himself and cracks jokes about his day-to-day observations about common people, politics, Bollywood celebrities, TV shows, and so on, makes you relate to things and find humor in everything. Not all stand-up artists can do that and cater to a larger audience while keeping it PG-13. After a short interval, the audience is introduced to another powerhouse of energy, Jamie Lever. Like her father, she has that charm. She is super confident and has some really funny jokes in her kitty. This makes you realize that the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. She is definitely a talented stand-up comic that you should look out for.

By the end of the show, Johnny Lever takes control of the stage and leaves you with some emotional and happy moments that make you wish that you could recap the whole show. And so it gets proved that Johnny Lever is undoubtedly the king of comedy. The next time when Johnny Lever is in your town for a stand-up comedy show, you best book your tickets in advance because you definitely don’t want to miss this experience. And the closer you are to the stage the more exciting it will be. Unlike other stand-up shows, you don’t have to worry about being the target of the jokes if you sit in the front row. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy this hilarious show with your family.