Stand-ups have become pretty popular these days and out of all the names that are famous for their sense of humor, one name is Abhishek Upmanyu. He is known for his fast deliveries (dialogues, not babies). Maybe this is the reason the name of this special is “Thoda Saaf Bol”, because he is too fast for you to understand what he is saying and most of you end up laughing just because everyone else is. In this show, however, he has made sure to be audible and clearly funny.

I attended the Mumbai edition of this stand-up special at the Canvas Laugh Club, Lower Parel, Mumbai. It is recommended that you be there at the venue before the show time because seating is on the first-come-first-serve basis and the shows are generally houseful.

The show was hosted by Vaibhav Sethia. You might wonder if there are more people performing and hence they need a host but there’s just the one you paid for. Generally, a host is supposed to introduce the artists but Vaibhav here starts by introducing himself because not many people know this 29-year-old, unmarried Kolkata guy. He warmed all of us up for all the rolling on the floor and falling off the seats that await, as Abhishek takes over.

Abhishek Upmanyu - BookMyShow

Abhishek is from Delhi and has moved to Mumbai for “better prospects” which according to him may or may not materialize but has sure given him crazy material for his stand-ups. His typical Delhite accent is what makes his stories funnier.

After a few minutes of Vaibhav’s introduction, the stage is taken over by Abhishek. He is a thin, nerdy looking guy who is funny first through his body language and then his jokes. I had made up my mind that I will only laugh at jokes that are really good and truly funny but two minutes into the show and I couldn’t control LOLing. The way he puts it, his jokes are his experiences in the cities he had lived in and his memories from childhood, but they are funnier than any of ours. This is definitely an hour of non-stop laughter with brand new jokes told in the Upmanyu way.

A couple of things to remember before booking the ticket:
– If you try to interact with him, you are going to be riffed off no matter how much sense you make. So pick your seats carefully. Having said that, we suggest grabbing the front row seats for best results.

– If you have decided to go and watch the show do not go alone. Take a few of your friends along becauseyahi to wo pal hai jo yaadein ban jaayengi.

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