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When Aakash Asks You To Be Happy, He Makes Sure You Laugh

Comedy is an art which people mostly enjoy when 18+ but what if a comedian who looks 14 makes you laugh? He clarifies his age in the first sentence of his stand-up special. Aakash Gupta, known for his deceptive looks, is trying to spread happiness everywhere with his stand-up special “Bhai Khush Raha Kar“. Here is our account of how the show went. And just to clarify, he actually is 25 years old.

The Act:

With an unexpected turnout of the audience, the comedians were rather thrilled. Enters Masoom Rajwani, a 20-year-old boy (who looks older than Aakash) who can think of nothing but the things a guy thinks about at that age. With no-filter on his mouth and a double-meaning mind, Masoom went on with riffing off the audience and his 18+ content to warm up the audience. After proving that the Bambai audience enjoyed the interaction, Masoom invited Aakash on stage.

Enter the main act. Aakash, as mentioned before is a deceptive looking kid who is actually an adult. He is from Delhi and has done Bachelor’s in Commerce (just in case you don’t believe he is graduate, he told this himself, jhuth bola hoga to usey kauwa kaatega) and he is very proud of that fact. He is known to like swimming and trekking, but usse bhi height nahi badhi bechare ki. No problem, because this medium packaging is high on humor and you will fall off your seat laughing (a guy literally fell off with the seat in this one).

Bhai Khush Raha Kar by Aakash Gupta review - BookMyShow

Aakash, also known as The Sky Gupta, bases his comedy on his observations, experiences and metro travels. Like every comedian, he is unique and has his own style of comedy. He has been in the scene for more than three years and his content is refreshing and relatable yet insanely random. He has curated some of the best and funniest moments and jokes for this show and not for a moment people weren’t laughing, including me.

He is touring the country with this stand-up special and you must attend one of those if you want to enjoy laughing for an hour. You can watch his videos on his YouTube channel of the same name but you must know they are not even half as funny as he is when performing live.

The Venue:

The show was at the very famous Canvas Laugh Club, Lower Parel, Mumbai. It is a place with both snacks and drinks bar on either side. With an intimate setting, the place lets you make the most of the show. It helps the comedian interact with you and for you to heckle them. The seating is on the first-come-first-serve basis hence you should ideally be at the venue well in advance. If you think you’ll get bored or hangry if you arrive early then please note that you’ll be passing three floors of The Palladium to reach there. Kuch na kuch to mil hi jayega khanepehenne ko. To know more about the comedy’s unofficial national theatre, check this out.

Things you should keep in mind:

Do not take your kids to his show just because he looks like a kid. Read the terms and conditions carefully.
The show is almost completely in Hindi and it’s hilarious,
toh apne ander ke nationalist ko khul kar hasne ka chance dijiye.

Upcoming shows:
26th October – Mumbai
20th October – New Delhi