Aik Machine Kabadi Ki

High On Laughter, No Junk in “Aik Machine Kabadi Ki”

MASK (Manch Aap Sab Ka) Theatre Group has been coming out with great plays since it started in 2002. Aik Machine Kabadi Ki is yet another marvelously executed comic play by them directed by Dinesh Ahlawat that will make you laugh while subtly giving a social message. The play was staged at Shri Ram Center, Mandi House in New Delhi.


Kallan Kabadi bought a ‘time’ machine from a university professor. Since then, he has been trying to fix the machine so that he could reap its benefits. The machine can shrink the size of the things that are put in it. Kallan’s wife, Husna, is fed up with the machine and the constant repair that the machine requires. One day she enters the machine and comes out looking 25 years younger. Now, her daughter Kulsum’s lover, Azeem, starts flirting with Husna, adding to the already hilarious confusion. When the news of such a transformation spreads in the neighborhood, everybody wants to become young. Being from a relatively poor family, Kallan had borrowed some money from Lala Ram Bharose, who is also pestering Kallan to make him look like Hrithik Roshan. The end becomes all the more interesting as Husna keeps on transforming, sometimes becoming younger and sometimes older. 


It is a light comedy that is sure to make you chuckle and laugh while also hinting at the problems of a poor family. Lala Ram Bharose and Azeem, both try to exploit Kallan’s position and commercialize the scientific invention. The unique antics of Dinesh Ahlawat as Kallan Kabadi are sure to impress you.


The play shows the drama in the life of Kallan Kabadi which is sure to tickle your funny bone. Though the play seems a bit long, it is a captivating play. The characters of Kallan Kabadi and Husna are played to perfection.


The comic play raises many complex issues but in a light and hearty manner. It is a delightful comedy which is sure to make your evening better. A special mention to Dinesh Ahlawat, who has not only directed the play but also manages to steal your heart as Kallan Kabadi and makes you laugh uncontrollably. For a light and a hearty comedy, watch this play!

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– By Vishakha Bhagia.