Some plays are loved by so many people over long periods of time that they become timeless. Beloved veteran actor, late Vijay Chavan, breathed life into Moruchi Mavshi with his impeccable comic timing and stage presence when this play was staged decades ago. Written by the legendary playwright Acharya Atre, the cult classic play Moruchi Mavshi returns to the stage on the able shoulders of Bharat Jadhav.

What’s Moruchi Mavshi About:

Bhaiyya and Morya are two college-going friends who are in love with Usha and Nisha, their college-mates. Moru gets a telegram from his mavshi (mother’s sister) that she is visiting him. She is the Queen of a small Indian princely state, Kanda, and is excited to meet Moru for the first time in decades. Moru and Bhaiyya plan on introducing the girls to the aunt, thus impressing them and their strict uncle, and ask for their hands in marriage. The boys also invite their actor friend Bandya aka Prabhakar (Bharat Jadhav) to keep the aunt entertained and a little distracted so that they can spend time with their girlfriends. Bandya is in a hurry though as he is all set to play the role of Hamlet’s mother and has to rush for a rehearsal. However, mavshi sends another telegram announcing the cancellation of her visit thereby shutting down Bhaiyaa’s and Moru’s dreams. As all plans start falling apart, Bhaiyya and Moru talk Bandya into playing Moru’s mavshi for some time to impress the girls. Many interesting characters pop up after this, complete with two men competing for the “mavshi’s” attention. What follow are hilarious twists and turns that stem from bemusing confusion and chaos.

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What Works:

As Moruchi Mavshi opens to a full house, Bharat Jadhav takes the stage and dedicates the play to late Vijay Chavan aka Viju Mama, a very sweet gesture. Moruchi Mavshi is intrinsically funny, with a script that makes way for amusing twists and hilarious give-and-take between the actors. Moruchi Mavshi has a natural charm of a typical 80s-90s Marathi comic caper natak done right and it is thoroughly enjoyable. The music has been given by another legendary artiste Ashok Patki and it makes the play even more entertaining. While the cast is talented, you long for Bharat Jadhav to come back to the stage. He embodies Moruchi Mavshi and makes the entire viewing experience a treat to watch.

What Could’ve Been Better:

One may argue that the play could be shorter but this work is an original piece by Acharya Atre and we strongly recommend enjoying it in its full glory.

Why You Should Watch:

Marathi playwrights are known for their knack of weaving naturally flowing comedy in their dialogues and presentation to set the laughter ringing through the theatre. Moruchi Mavshi makes you laugh silly and keep you entertained until the very last scene. Also, Bharat Jadhav’s killer performance is a big reason that makes the ajramar natak Moruchi Mavshi unmissable!