Comedy is slowly gaining traction in Bengaluru. It’s mostly dominated by male performers but Sonali Thakker is here to change that. With her liveliness and an active audience interaction, she gives the most famed performers a run for their money. She is the definition of “Good things come in small packages”.  Covering socially relevant topics such as traveling, politics, shopping etc., her humor is quirky, amusing, and sometimes even scary.

Almost There

The Act:

Sonali started by having an interactive group discussion to get a feel of the audience and also used their experiences in her jokes. As an aspiring CA who took up stand up comedy, she talks about the irrational decisions she took in life which led her to entertain people instead of auditing their accounts.

Sonali describes herself as a CA-aspirant, who despite being born and raised in Gujarat, breaks all Gujju stereotypes as she decided to be a stand-up comedienne and not a businesswoman. With a love for traveling and a passion to make people laugh, she is the real deal. Sadly, all these qualities have not increased her popularity on Be it on or off stage, Sonali is beaming with energy and loves to share it with her fans.

Her content is bilingual and her frequent inclusion of anecdotes from her life as a traveler will keep you chuckling in your seats. Her jokes cover various topics ranging from politics to relationships to travel, and even some adult humor.  The incorporation of her audience’s experiences to her jokes makes it relatable to everyone present in the show and gives it a wholesome experience. Her delivery and transition from one joke to another is seamless. Her overflowing energy is so contagious, you will surely succumb to it and burst out in laughter.

Sonali Thakker is a fast-growing artist gaining a lot of fans after every performance. You can get a glimpse of her humor on YouTube and other social media.

The Venue:

This event was hosted by Bflat Bar in Indiranagar. The hosts gave us warm hearty welcome and quickly ushered us to our tables. As the tables started getting occupied and people settled down with their drinks and food.

Having a tough week? Then Sonali Thakker is the woman to ease your stress and trust us, he will not disappoint you. So what are you waiting for? Catch her live by booking your tickets on BookMyShow.  

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– Written by Ajay Alford.