The Alto Mumbai Comic Con We Need and Deserve – Event Highlights

As all the superheroes and anime characters hang their capes and costumes for another year, we bid adieu to the biggest pop culture festival in the city. A myriad of eager fans made their way to Hall 5, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon this weekend at the Alto Mumbai Comic Con 2016. Some in costumes and some in Fez's and some sporting accessories, which shout their fandom. A lot of blue capes were floating around as the Super Fans rushed to get the two-day extravaganza started. 

Comic Cons have now become a norm in major cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune. Fans are treated to an elite guest line-up and even have meet-and-greet sessions, which are a huge bonus for them. Apart from that there is the main stage is the spot for all things new to be launched and grant access to all the exclusives for the fans. The Alto Mumbai Comic Con 2016 was all this and much more. And for everyone who missed this event and they better have a good reason for it, here is everything you missed.

Fans are known to spend years and sleepless nights making their costumes and a fan from Delhi was no different. He spent one-and-a-half year stitching his Spiderman costume, which looked perfect. He was happy to pose for everybody who came to get clicked with him. There were also a bunch of in their cute little costumes running around. 

On Sunday, about 300 participants registered for the cosplay contest, which was a record-breaking number in the history of this convention. The prize for the winner was a whopping INR 50,000, which was won by the fan in the Predator costume. Now you know what an award-winning costume looks like. There were also a host of "Jokers" with their maniacal laughter ringing through the hall and all whipping out guns at the drop of a hat. A cheery Mad Hatter was also hosting her tea party and the hat was made by her, if you can believe that. Apart from the usual, a lot of anime characters made an appearance from anime like Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and Naruto. Also avid gamer fans were seen as characters from Call of Duty and Overwatch. Age is certainly no bar for the cosplayers.

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The convention was an experiential treat for all the fans with activities like wand-training where participants were also given a video of the magic they just learnt. Isn't that cool? AXN had a host of activities in store from braiding hair with red ribbons to a VR Supernatural Experience

You could also "cook your own meth" and have your picture taken while you do that. It was a very Heisenberg moment. You could get your buddies to break you out of a jail in under a minute. For all the fans who are eagerly awaiting the Doctor Strange movie, they could pose with the cape and also could experience what it was like to be in Iron Man's suit. The Alto stall went the mythological way with temporary sword tattoos and treasure hunts to get you more intimately acquainted with the convention. There was also a game to check your reflexes and gauge if you had it in you to be a superhero. And it was all for free.

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Jim Beaver aka Uncle Bobby came down to meet fans. Apart from the paid autographs and photos, there was also an entertaining session on the main stage that offered insights into the man behind Uncle Bobby and the character too. The actor also wishes to come back on Supernatural and so do we. 

Ajay Devgn along with Erika Kaar and Abigail Eames made an appearance to launch the official Shivaay mechandise and comic book series. Eames said she is a Doctor Who-fan and was also a part of the series in the episode "In the Forest of the Night" (if you were wondering why she looked familiar). 

Street Fighter artist Edmin Huang, Priya Shakti artist Dan Goldman and Marvel and DC artist Cameron Stewart also made an appearance on the main stage and were available for autographs and artworks for both the days.

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As always there was line up of merchandise that could make any fan's eyes pop and their wallets a lot lighter. There were no regrets for sure. Who wouldn't love a lightsabre umbrella that lights up or pen drives in the shape of your favorite characters. The fans were seen hopping from store to another looking for fun and appealing merch. 

Based on all that was available, we are sure visitors stretched their budgets well beyond when it came to shopping. There were also artists showcasing their amazing artwork and you could also request them to create something exclusive. VRs were a big win. This technology was used to its fullest by the exhibitors and it was super fun.

Comic Con 2016 - BookMyShowDon't you wish you were a part of this epic weekend now? Be ready for next year when this fest will be back in town for yet another round of fun. You can book your tickets for the 2017 Mumbai Comic Con Here.