Ten strangers go to an island and none of them returns. What happened to those strangers on that little island is considered one of Agatha Christie's darkest novels. And then there were none was originally published in 1939, the novel has been adapted into movies and Christie also published the play written on the novel in 1943. For all who are familiar with Agatha Christie's work, know that there is no finer thriller writer and her thrillers have a way of working across all mediums. On 3rd March, we managed to catch yet another excellent performance of this play directed by Laura Mishra and here's what we have to say about it.

What's 'And Then There Were None…' About:

Mrs. U. N. Owen and her husband have invited a bunch of seven strangers to their house on a secluded island. The couple has been detained in London and it is up to Mister Rogers (Abhishek Chakraborty) and his Missus (Simone Talreja), the caretakers of the house and Vera Claythorne (Laura Mishra) who is Mrs. Owen's secretary. First to arrive along with Miss. Claythorne is Captain Lombard (Tanmay Ranjan) who prefers the company of Miss Claythorne over others. The rest of the guests, including the beautiful Denise (Prerna Talwar), Miss Brent (Barkha Swaroop Saxena), and General Mackenzie (Mustafa Lightwalla) soon join the party along with Justice Wargrave (Navin Talreja) and Dr. Armstrong (Sonu Anand). The fast-car loving Mr. Anthony Masten (Yash Oberoi) is the last to join the lot. When the group gathers together for dinner, a voice is heard across the room, accusing each and every guest of being a murderer and stating that now they will pay for their crimes. After the announcement, one guest dies.

What works:

It is always a delight to watch an adaptation of Agatha Christie on stage. The director has done an excellent job in getting this huge cast together in a single room and unraveling an edge-of-the-seat thriller. It is a delight to watch Navin Talreja as Justice Wargrave as he brings all the characters together and continues the story forward. Laura Mishra is certainly double talented as the director of the play and playing Miss Claythorne. The rest of the cast also works well together.

What could have been better:

While they did a great job of sticking to the script, we would have loved to see an Indian adaptation of this play.

Why you should watch this play:

If you are an Agatha Christie fan, there is no reason why you should not miss this one. The whole cast and crew really work well together on stage and the flow of the story is flawless until the very end.

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