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Anuradha Menon’s Stand-up Special Wonder Woman is Thoroughly Entertaining

Wonder Menon is a stand-up special by Anuradha Menon – an actress and comedienne. She is also popular as Lola Kutty on Channel V and is a part of theatre productions like Sammy! and Zen Katha. Anu Menon is an alumnus of Stella Mary’s College in Chennai and went on to join Essex University’s East Drama School in London. Theatre has always been her passion and now she entertains audiences with her stand-up comedy special. The title of her special is inspired by the Gal GadotstarrerWonder Woman.

Anuradha Menon Wonder Woman - BookMyShow Blog

The hilarious comedienne covered many topics ranging from school admissions in Hyderabad, parent-teacher meetings at her son’s school, references of Patiala in Punjab, Adam-Eve and Apple punches, candlelight dinner spoofs, funny interactive questions with the viewers on romance, Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, and many more. The humorous take on her child’s career when the teacher revealed that her son is good at gardening had the audience roaring with laughter. The process of examinations for the parents to get their child admitted to a school is also hilariously dealt with. The show also had a dose of adult humor like comparing a flight seat to her bra size and a kneeling wife paying respect to her husband – both instances being smartly handled. Apart from the comical references, watching the elegance of Anu Menon’s nonchalant hour-long comedy spoofs with chubby smiles is endearing and a treat to the viewers. 

What’s even better is the live humor references during the show. For instance, there was a power breakdown on stage for about two seconds and the mic she was holding also stopped working. She still went on holding the mic and continued her comedy speech without realizing that it wasn’t working. Even her comments to few late entrants of the show left everyone with peals of laughter.

The show ended in a novel way where Anu played the guitar. To sum it up, Wonder Menon was an excellent stand-up comedy that was worth every penny spent. What more can one ask for in the name of entertainment?

A must-watch stand-up comedy show, you cannot miss this the next time it stages in your city. Go to get thoroughly entertained!

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– Written by Ajay Mudunuri.