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An Intriguing Appointment With Death 

Detective murder mysteries are always riveting to read. But it adds another layer of fascination when you get to see the eccentric characters come to life. Appointment with Death by Sohaila Kapur, an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s play, is a captivating play with a talented cast. The play was staged at Shri Ram Centre For Performing Arts, Mandi House.

Appointment with death - BookMyShow Blog

WHAT’S Appointment With Death ABOUT:

The play starts with the description of a very eccentric American family on a trip to Jerusalem along with several other characters, including a psychiatrist and a young doctor. Psychologically held captives by the domineering mother, the grown-up children are stopped from forming any relationship or friendship with the outside world. The struggle is almost heartwarming as the stepmother, Mrs. Boynton, who used to be a jail warden, keeps an eye on every one of them. The eldest son Lennox gets married to Nadine, who also has an admirer named Mr. Cope. The bachelor son Raymond has fallen in love with Sarah King, a young doctor, but cannot act on it. The youngest daughter, Ginerva Boynton, is diagnosed by Dr. Gerard, the psychiatrist, as mentally struggling and lives in constant fear of death. The first act of the play sets the relationship between the characters and the children realize that somebody needs to kill the stepmother so that they can start living their lives. In the second act, on the sightseeing trip to Petra, Mrs. Boynton is discovered dead. Now the mystery deepens as every family member becomes a suspect with a perfect motive to kill the overbearing stepmother. 


Directed by Sohaila Kapur, a theatre genius, this play is yet another masterstroke. The cast is perfect and the character of Mrs. Boynton stood out the most. The picturesque set and stage formation aligned with the storyline perfectly. The play will capture your attention with every dialogue, as the mystery is well maintained till the end. The comic scenes are hilarious and so is the interaction between Lady Westholme and Alderman Higgs. The play has been smoothly translated in Hindi. 


The narrative of the play is gripping and will leave you wanting more. The play, however, slows down a bit in the middle but picks up immediately.


If you love Agatha Christie, you will love Appointment With Death. Murder mysteries are always riveting and so is this play. Every character is perfectly executed by the actors. Lighting and music add yet another interesting layer to the play. Watch the play, you’ll love it.

– Written by Vishakha Bhagia.

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