Comedy is becoming the go-to thing for people who seek entertainment. Appurv Gupta is also one such escape from life. He is said to be a unique voice amongst everyone in the stand-up scene of India and is known for his comedy special Laugh With an Engineer.

Appurv is currently running the second installment of Laugh With an Engineer. You must be wondering about the logic behind the name (not really, we know, but let’s pretend that you are), well it is because it features a B.Tech graduate who does stand-up comedy for a living. Appurv is known for his Hinglish comedy and idiosyncrasies. His deliveries and punches come straight from his life experiences, observations, his girlfriend, and uncle. Although almost everything in his act is in Hindi he preferably calling it Hinglish. Reason unknown.

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His full name is Appurv Gupta and he is pretty obsessed his surname. Actually, he is obsessed with all the Gupta’s, Sharma’s and Bansal’s. By this, it is apparent why he is also known for his clean comedy. He considers his drunk nights and Tinder dates as his comedy content and which makes pretty evident why he has so much to say about relationships. Besides doing comedy despite being an engineer, what sets him apart is that he has a girlfriend despite being an engineer.

Appurv has written three singles since his time in the comedy scene (past four years) – AppurView, RelationShip or RelationShit and Laugh With an Engineer. I happened to go for the Engineer one, second edition. I found out he is quite frank and on the face because being drunk takes away the regret from you, until the next morning. He has great comic timing, punches, and observation skills. He was not as interactive as comics generally are but it was a welcome change to laugh at jokes and not the audience members.

Laugh With an Engineer 2.0 was organized by Indian Comedy Club. They can be credited for developing Comedy Nights scene of the country. They have introduced many new comedians so that you could laugh the way it is meant to be –  live, act after act, punchline after punchline!

Why Watch Him:
– If you are into clean, relatable comedy.
– If you do not know English that well and live in India.
– If you are in for a good time for an hour.

Why Not:
– If your Hindi is bad.
– If you don’t like engineers.
– If you haven’t bought tickets for his show.

The second edition of laughing with this engineer was a lot of fun.

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