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A Heart Touching Take on Reality

We all at some point in time would like to go back in the past and change a few things that happened in our lives. This is impossible and the next best thing that we can do is to forget those bad memories and move on. Directed by Viren Bedoya, 'Baat Niklegi Toh' is a play that revolves around the life of an IAS officer, Ajay Mishra (Imran Zahid). Ajay, who is one of the brightest students of his town, faces rejection and insult all the time. This is because of his family background. Ajay is from a very poor family and has very little resources for his education. His parents sacrifice everything that they have, in order for him to achieve his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Chasing his dream, Ajay reaches Delhi for his IAS exams. In Delhi, Ajay finds his accommodation as a paying guest. As the play continues, it is seen that Ajay's journey in achieving his dreams is not easy. He has to face many hurdles before he gets to his goal. As time passes by, Ajay gets friendly with the landlord's daughter Kavita (Namya Saxena) and eventually forms a strong bond with her. They share their struggles and are seen becoming a support for each other in times of crisis. Little didAjay know that his love for Kavita would be a cause of hindrance for his career aspirations. After failing in his first attempt, Ajay is a bit disturbed and wonders what went wrong in his preparations. But Kavita stands by him and encourages him to work even harder the next time. In the meanwhile, Ajay's love for Kavita grows stronger and is seen spending most of his time with her. Ajay waits for the correct opportunity to go and tell Kavita that he loves her and wants to get married to her. But amidst of all of this Kavita knows that Ajay likes her and this has been his major distraction in his exam preparations. After multiple attempts, Ajay still could not clear his exams and was on the verge of giving up. Kavita realizes that this all has happened because of her and decides to tell Ajay that she is leaving for London with the one she loves. After hearing this, of course Ajay is left heartbroken and decides to quit everything that he started and go back. While he thinks of quitting, his friend pays him a visit and is shocked seeing Ajay in such a situation. After listening to all that has happened in his life, his friend reminds him of all the sacrifices that his parents have made, in order for Ajay to achieve his dream of becoming an IAS officer. Ajay decides to give it a last shot.

The play is a family drama with some good dose of humor and laughter. It was well directed and each character contributed brilliantly with their performance. The auditorium was packed and we bet that each one present loved the play and all the characters in it. Do watch it with friends and family if your're the kind who loves a mixture of drama, comedy and romance.

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