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Badvertising – An Hour of Dissecting Advertisements

Advertisements are everywhere. A person is exposed to millions of ads in a lifetime. Good or bad, everything needs advertisement and hence the advertising industry is the one that will probably never see a recession. However, we are pretty much surrounded by intelligent as well as bad ads. Cleverly titled, Badvertising is about ads that are bad. So bad that it doesn't even matter anymore.

Venue: Canvas Laugh Club
Canvas Laugh Club is the foremost comedy company in India. The one in Mumbai is situated in the Palladium, Lower Parel. They have a very intimate setting. The artist performs at a close distance so that you could enjoy every genre with utmost impact. They host different shows every day and you can check them out here.

Badvertising review - BookMyShow

Artists: Punit Pania, Andy Reghu, and Sriraam Padmanabhan
Punit Pania is the host for Badvertising and mostly every show hosted by Chalta Hai Comedy. He has been on the comedy scene for a long time now and has been on God's green earth longer. The advertising dissection is done by two media and marketing professionals gone rogue – Andy Reghu and Sriraam Padmanabhan. Andy is generally very energetic throughout his acts and about convincing people that he is cool even though he stays in Kurla. Sriraam is busy in his charity. He funds his local paanwala's daughter's education by buying cigarettes. That's still doing more than most people.

How is the show:
The show is super fun, especially when they get on the advertising part, obviously. It is most relevant to people with high consumption of media, in any form – traditional or digital.

Why Watch:
– If you are into ad making and want to have a fun time watching dissection of advertisements.
– If you are bored with the amazing sitcoms on the TV.
– If you enjoy comedy and are looking out for a different kind of stand-up.
– If you have a high consumption of media of any or every kind.

Why not:
– If you are a scientist who hasn't been out of the lab since last decade, stay there, you won't get the jokes. Alternatively, if you've been living under a huge rock forever.
– If you run an ad agency, you might find a few of your ads featuring in the stand-up.
– If you just bought the tickets to sleep for an hour in an air-conditioned place.

Upcoming show:

29th April – Mumbai.