Some people get really lucky in love. They find their soulmate and live their “happily ever after”. As for the unlucky ones, well, this play is for them. Ballygunge 1990 is written and directed by Atul Satya Koushik, known for his productions like Chakravyuh, Raavan Ki Ramayan, Draupadi, Kahani Teri Meri, Dad’s Girlfriend, Wo Lahore, Couple Trouble etc. His latest play explores the dynamics of love, career, and marriage with a blend of suspense and thrill.

WHAT’S Ballygunge 1990 ABOUT:

The play opens with Karthik (Annup Sonii) meeting his old flame, Vasuki (Nishtha Paliwal) after many years. She is now married to a famous painter, after Karthik had left her to pursue a career in Mumbai. However, failing at his attempt, Karthik is back in Kolkata and it’s here that the two ex-lovers have a chance meeting, thus getting Karthik an invite to Vasuki’s home. Karthik realizes that Vasuki is still in love with him and is unwilling to let go of the past hurt and heartbreak. Vasuki’s raw emotions seem to overwhelm him, making him feel distant and terrified. But there’s more to Vasuki’s story than Karthik has bargained for and the two are in for a thrilling and suspenseful ride. 

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Ballygunge 1990 is a well-directed play that takes the audience through a variety of emotions before the big reveal. Annup Sonii and Nishtha Paliwal convincingly portray a couple who is perhaps still in love with each other. Nishtha Paliwal steals the show as a woman who resolves to finally take her own life decisions. The chemistry between the couple is palpable and makes you introspect your own relationship. The elaborate stage setting, cozy ambience, lights, and music add to the grandeur and magnificence of the play. The cherry on the cake are the beautiful nazms of Faiz Ahmed Faiz recited by the characters.


Despite the powerful performances, the play loses track of the plot eventually. It seems to struggle a bit to reach an end that would be in line with the story.


Ballygunge 1990 will have you hooked till the end. The narrative is very compelling supplemented by great performances by the leads, a fabulous stage setting and the authentic Bengali milieu. It is a wonderful play for an eventful evening.