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Bear with Me(hta) is Aakash Mehta’s Hilarious Story of an Unbearable Journey

Aakash Mehta loves his puns and so begins his stand-up special ‘Bear with Me(hta)‘ in Hyderabad. He comes bearing a story which winds up and down roads (literally) unexpected. With 7 years of performances behind him, he navigates through the 80 minutes effortlessly, leaving his audience in splits.

Aakash Mehta - BookMyShow Blog

The act:

The show on the 10th of March at Heart Cup Coffee started with a 15-minute opening music act which prepped up the audience for the main act. Then came in Aakash Mehta, to loud cheers and applause. Armed with one-liners aimed at the audience and laughing at his own puns, Aakash begins his story. Every punchline of his jokes and every twitch of expression on his face strikes a chord with the crowd. The self-acclaimed cocky Mumbaikar that he is, he tells a tale of the struggles of a city kid during a journey prompted by the disappointments in life. He keeps drifting into random jokes in the middle of the narrative as he finds new avenues to be funny.
His excellent story-telling skills and energy conquer the room as the audience keeps breaking into giggles and laughs every few seconds. As he goes on towards the end of his story, a hint of philosophy hits you, very well camouflaged by all the mockery. All this, with a good sprinkle of puns, made the show an absolute hit.

The venue:

The show was staged at ALT-Space at Heart Cup Coffee in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. It is a cozy little room with really good food and drinks, making it the perfect spot for a good laugh. Well, quite a few good laughs.

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– Written by Jeevani Sammeta.