Whenever Saleem Shah takes the stage, you know it is going to be a power-packed performance. With the 100th show of his play, Bhelpoori, he once again presented a well-scripted satire on love, relationships, sex, society, politics, and Bollywood, which tickles your funny bone. The play was staged at Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Estate.  


Just as the bhelpoori is an amalgamation of different ingredients, Shah presented a mélange of various life incidents that are funny, witty, deep, profound and emotive. The play is a one-man show by Shah playing ‘himself’. It is a tale interweaved with emotions and hilarious fictional events that leave the audience spellbound. The incidents are relatable and impactful as you see them happening in your day-to-day life. For example, we all have seen teens take ridiculous selfies or the shared love for train journeys. The play is aptly named as it will remind you of the sweet and sour taste of life that makes it all the more interesting. Different ingredients and events are brought together in this wonderful play. Being the solo performer and enacting life events with such finesse and energy, you get to see the true genius of his acting.


The play is a guaranteed entertainer. The solo performance by Saleem Shah and the well-written script will take you on a roller coaster ride of laughter and profound observations about the common events of life. With rib-tickling jokes on old age, sex or the latest scams in the country, it is a perfect recipe for a well-spent evening.


The show, like many of his other performances, requires an open-minded approach to life and society. It a spicy blend of the different flavors of life, one not everyone can stomach.


The one-man performance by Saleem Shah is the sole reason you should watch this show. Nevertheless, if you want a fresh perspective on life with a little fun and great entertainment, then this play is for you. 

Upcoming shows:

25th November – NCR

Written by Vishakha Bhagia.

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