Blueticks Is A Humorous Tale That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Technology in the last two decades has advanced by leaps and bounds. We have transitioned from cassettes to CDs and even they have become obsolete now. Our phones which were connected by wires have now become smarter and practically hold all the information and double up as minicomputers. In all this, what has changed is also how we handle our relationships. Gone are the days when people used to write long letters, now we type shorthand on messages. Blueticks by Roshan Shetty is one such play which not only lets you know how far we have come but also takes you back to simpler times and in doing that re-introduces us to the small joys in life.

BlueticksA boy (Roshan Shetty) meets a girl (Mudita Shauq) on Facebook and they decide to go on a date to Buffering cafe where everything is well, buffering. A few selfies are clicked and they find themselves in love. The lady enjoys all the pampering she can get and the boy cannot help but shower her with love and money. But things go awry very soon when a foe comes between these two and it is none other than those blue ticks you see on WhatsApp. Heartbroken, the boy writes a play about the times gone by and in turn re-introduces us to the joys of childhood.

The first thing that grips you about the play is that the writer understands the youth of today and rather than portraying stereotypes chooses to use dialogues which you can instantly connect with. There are also witty characters with one-liners that will literally make you go ROFL. Roshan Shetty has done a great job as the director, writer and the lead of the play. Nishil Kamalan and Kush Jobunputra who played friends to the lead characters have done a fantastic job as a foil and it is fun to see them on stage. 

The play explores the relationship between two friends, a boy and a girl and how these relationships change when we are consumed by the technology that fits in our palm.

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