Blurred Lines- Insights from Sundeep Rao, a Comedian with a Hazy Eye Sight.

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to witness Sundeep Rao’s stand-up act Blurred Lines `at The Habitat in Khar, one of the most intimate yet refreshing places in Mumbai. The man is very punctual and so there the show began at sharp 8.30 pm. If you are someone who is too sensitive about day to day topics on society, religion, politics, sex and so on, then probably you must mentally prepare yourself before catching the man perform live on stage.

Hailing from the IT city Bengaluru, Sundeep has been in the comedy industry for six years now after he quit his boring IT job. Touted as the only partially blind stand-up comic in the country, Sundeep’s humor is unlike the others as it is said from the perspective of a person who is just listening and listening since years now and finds comedy as an outlet to talk about the issues he faced or has been facing because of his partial blindness.

Sundeep Rao is a young handsome man with a voice you will fall in love with. The man’s antics, while he is performing, are too cute to be missed. Being partially blind as he suffers from juvenile macular degeneration doesn’t stop him from being funny. Though without a clear sight, his insight on things is too clear and on point. His jokes mostly based on his personal experiences with family, marriage, society, his disability might sound scandalous but you cannot deny them being outright hilarious; enough to make you fall off your chairs. 

The Bengaluru based comedian also had a lot of Brit-based humor, which obviously not everyone can comprehend. However, overall, Sundeephad a lot of humor for a group of friends to enjoy on a weekend. The next time you feel depressed about your life, you know where to book your tickets for a fun filled comedy night with edgy, offensive and unfiltered humor.