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Breadcrumbs – Nibbles Its Way To Your Heart

Directed and written by Akriti Singh, Breadcrumbs is a play revolving around the Kingdom of Me-Mine and the Kingdom of Sputid. What is this play about, you ask? Let's find out.

What's Breadcrumbs About:

A children's play, Breadcrumbs is a story of a talking rat (Varun Vazir) who is appointed as the new king of Me-Mine Kingdom. The play combines a few fairy tale characters like Cinderella, the Evil Queen, Rapunzel, and others that the kids of all generations have come to enjoy. The play begins with a dance ball where Cinderella (Sriparna Chatterjee) loses her shoe and the Prince (Pratik Kothari) frantically searches for her all over the kingdom.

Breadcrumbs play Mumbai - BookMyShow In the meantime, the people at the ball are shocked to see a talking rat at the ball and decide to take the rat to the King (Dilshad Patel) and the Queen (Anuja Kale). But the King has a very amusing decision – he hands over the kingdom to the rat. Chaos ensues, especially among the ministers (Akriti Singh, Ravi Goswami, and Yash Chauhan). These three ministers find it impossible to believe that a rat who nibbles on just about anything in his path is the new king they will be serving.

Breadcrumbs Play Review - BookMyShow
To bring back order in the kingdom and to make her husband more popular, the Queen embarks on a journey to the Kingdom of Sputid with her ministers. Here, the King of Sputid (Sheryl Bishnoi) and his trusted associates (Pearl Pereira and Pooja Pradaan) have a devious plan. What is this plan and what becomes of the kingdom of Me-Mine and it's people is something you need to discover on your own. Trust us, it will be a hilarious journey of discovery.

What Works:

Breadcrumbs is tailor-made for kids and it perfectly hits the target. Having said that, it does not mean that adults can't enjoy the play Breadcrumbs is so simply and beautifully done that it would surely make you smile and even laugh with its surprise elements and the funny one-liners. The cast definitely seemed to enjoy every bit of what they were doing and gave brilliantly charming performances.

Breadcrumbs Play Cast - BookMyShow

What Could've Been Better:

The play could have benefited from being of a shorter duration. Also, at times the dialogues can be a bit unclear for children to understand, but they are still sure to enjoy the lively activities in the play. 

Why You Should Watch This Play:

If you want to see some exceptional acting skills, this is the play to be. An adult would enjoy the play just as much as any kid would. So, if you are in need for some feel-good entertainment that would take you back to your childhood, Breadcrumbs is the play for you.

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