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Chaw Chaw Bath ver 7.0: A Unique Blend of Different Art Forms

For those of you who don’t know, chaw chaw bath is a south Indian dish which contains a sweet dish and a savoury dish, thereby balancing out the flavours and this is exactly how one would describe Chaw Chaw Bath ver 7.0 which was held at Lahe Lahe, Bangalore. It was an evening of a rather unique blend of art forms like monologues, plays, poetry reading, story-telling with absolutely wonderful budding artists from the team ‘a’ Productions. This is their 7th edition of the same and that should probably be enough to pique your interest. Read on to know why you must catch this ensemble for their next show.

The first act was a monologue by Ashok Kumar called Freedom in which he spoke about the average Indian middle-class society’s mentality toward career goals and “planning your future”. The act shed light on this basic dilemma in our culture and its effect on the younger generation. There were a lot of instances wherein the transition of emotions were captured beautifully. It was particularly intense and stirred up the audience with the brutality of its subject matter.
Chaw Chaw Bath - BookMyShow

The second act was a Hindi poetry reading by Sourav Roy. The tone of this was rather light hearted and did a very good job in easing the audience and at the same time managed to make you wonder of the simplest of things. The premise of the poems ranged from shopping malls to love to Dadi’s dentures to his hand and even the spectacular mountains. It was simple and light and there were nothing but smiles in the audience throughout the performance.

The third session was story telling with Ajay Gopal. The narrative of a girl Akshaya and her special bond with her grandfather did a very good job in amusing the audience and kept them engaged at all times. The audience was taken on a journey on the train with her as she reminisced about her childhood with her Dadu. The narration kept the audience engaged throughout and the setting was cozy and warm and did a brilliant job in keeping the crowd comfortable.

The fourth act of the evening was a simple and short play called Tumse Na Ho Payega performed by Ashok Kumar, Akmal Basha S., Anjali, and Vasu. The play was set at a tea stall outside a tuition academy where two boys are discussing about their crush and advising each other of their next plan of action. The play was tremendously funny and resonated with the audience well. The setting was simple and was a good dose of laughter making you forget all about your Monday woes.
Chaw Chaw Bath - BookMyShow

The final act was a monologue by Sougat Mishra called The Room. It spoke of the reflective and narcissistic nature of an artist. It revolved around a poet and his anxious wait to be published eventually driving him insane. The dialogue with his conscience projected on a screen through a video was well timed and synchronized. It was powerful and took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster.
Chaw Chaw Bath - BookMyShow

The crew – Vindhya Chandrasekharan, Manish Kumar, Divya, Sachin Patil and Rahul kept the audience lively during the breaks. Seldom does one production team manage to pull off such a varied spectrum of emotions and make the audience feel connected while at it. Kudos to the team for this. We expect more editions of the same to stage in Bangalore soon. Do not miss it and book your tickets the next time it is staged in Bangalore. You can book tickets for the next show here.

By Nikita Fernandes

Disclaimer: If the dates for this event have expired, it means that there are no upcoming shows for the same. Dates will be updated once new shows are scheduled by the organizer. Keep checking this space for more.