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Clue Hunt – An Engrossing and A Thrilling Experience

If you have ever been through the BookMyShow website, you will see a variety of escape room scenarios. Have you ever wanted to be a bank robber or a con man or even a pirate? Congratulations, now you can be one. But beware this is not a job for the faint-hearted or the weak-minded. Clue Hunt is one of the many who conducts real-life escape room games. They have five branches in Mumbai and one in Pune with some very interesting scenarios ranging from you been a victim of an abduction to you robbing a bank.

Clue Hunt - BookMyShowI visited the Andheri branch where they have two scenarios – one where you rob a bank and the second where you are abducted by pirates. You can imagine what we chose. (We chose to rob a bank). It is advisable that you reach 15 mins before the slot you have selected. It helps with finishing the basic registration process and understanding the rules before the game starts. If you are too early, there is no problem as they have some props which your selfie-crazy friends will absolutely love. Once you are registered, you get to listen to the back story and go through the rules one more before you are locked inside the room.

The game is simple – you have been given a task and in 60 mins you have to use your wits to complete it. You have to look at every piece of decor in the room with suspicion as some might hold clues while others are attempts to misguide you. Here is where all your knowledge from watching bank heist and treasure hunt movies come into play and kudos to the team who have devised the puzzles. They are simple yet require you to think out of the box at the same time. Also, a lot can be said about the gadgets they have in store for you as you finish the task. Once you complete a scenario, you will definitely want to try them all. 

If you are a fan of adventure and don't mind taxing your brain cells from time to time, this is the perfect activity for your weekend. 

Clue Hunt - BookMyShowA few things to help:

1) Going in a group helps. The more the brains, the quicker the solution.

2) Don't be afraid to use the hints if you are stuck for a long time. Time is of the essence here.

3) Use brain not brawn to open things.

You can book the tickets for Clue Hunt here. Watch this space for more reviews on events and venues.