Written by Swadesh Deepak, Court Martial features Karthikesh, Rathna Shekar Reddy, Nilachal Majhi, Abhijeeet Deshpande, Vidya Sagar, Parul Hirani, Ananth Vikram, and Vinay Patel in prominent roles. With more than five thousand shows performed across the country in the span of 25 years, one can imagine the magnitude and popularity of the show. Presented by Samahaara, Court Martial is now at Hyderabad to treat the fans of theatre. 

Court Martial

What’s Court Martial About: 

Court Martial is about an army recruit, Ramchandar, who is accused of injuring a person and killing his senior officer. War veteran Col. Surat Singh presides over the court martial of Ramchandar and during the course of this trial several startling facts come to light about the norms of society which leaves everyone awe-struck.

What Works: 

There are no words to describe the brilliance in the writing by Swadesh Deepak. Within a few minutes into the show, you get into the skin of every character and stay glued to the seat until the climax. Interwoven with a startling message, Court Martial delves into the intricacies of the army personnel and their lives at the border protecting our nation. With the running theme of patriotism, it is bound to give goosebumps to all those who have strong sentiments towards their motherland.

Splendid performances by matured theatre artistes and the great works of the writers have taken Court Martial to the next level. Each and every actor has given their best and this is what makes the play even more engaging. The soulful background score until the end haunts you for a while even after the show is complete.

What Could Have Been Better:

There isn’t much that could have been improved upon in this play. Court Martial is a powerful play entrenched with intense and dramatic moments. Its climax will leave you spell-bound and the emotions will haunt the viewers for several days to come. 

Why You Should Watch:

Court Martial is a play that is true to its spirits and is highly recommended for all age groups irrespective of their caste, creed, and sect. It will fill you a patriotic zeal and also give you an insight into the lives of the army personnel. The next time when this play is in your city, don’t forget to lock a couple of hours that will give you more than what you expect.

Upcoming Shows:

– Written by Ajay Mudunuri.

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