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Daniel Fernandes: Slicker Than his Hair

Laughing is the best form of therapy (except for diarrhea, of course). So, in search of a good laughter therapy, I landed up at this comedy show called Daniel Fernandes Live to see if laughing actually helps, or if he is able to make me laugh at all.

The show was at Razzberry Rhinoceros, an uber cool place at Juhu with a sea view next to the open deck, which is not where you can sit for the comedy show. This stand-up was presented by Chalta Hai Comedy and hosted by, obviously, Punit Pania. Punit is this extremely sweet looking guy who you think will come on stage introduce himself, introduce Daniel and go back. But as they say, looks can be deceptive. He accepts he cannot understand the language kids speak these days but he doesn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of it.

Punit warmed us up with his honest comedy. It was like a foreplay by Punit for which Daniel was going to get all the action. Enter Daniel. Well, I must say he is very good at what he does and has sleek straight hair (only one of those things is true).

Daniel Fernandes - BookMyShow

Daniel is refreshingly prompt with his comedy, cracks brave jokes, is politically aware, awfully dark sometimes and yes, witty. His pop culture references are on point and he knows the way to “reiterate” things constantly without making them repetitive. He also has an unconventional approach towards issues like demonetization and Brexit. Although Daniel handed me all these points to incorporate in my review, all of it is true this time, must admit.

By Daniel Fernandes “Live” I anticipated it to be another stand-up where he will come with his 1 hour of material and do 45 minutes of comedy that will include half his material and a bit of insulting people sitting in the first two rows. But this turned out to be a legit live performance. A major part of his act was just about interaction with the crowd, zany comebacks and quirky takes on every information that came through. He snuck details that he gathered from the initial part of his act (from the audience) in the later part (mostly his material) of his show like he has written them and been performing for the 10th time. He has that impeccable comic timing people struggle for.

Daniel Fernandes - BookMyShow

He has been on the comedy scene for six years now and that shows in his work; mostly because he mentioned this like six times in the show. Daniel is pretty acclaimed in my reviewer circuit (my friends) and hence a bit of dark and surreal comedy was expected. However, he majorly stuck to his interactive comedy in the show and raised the bar for the audiences’ expectations (who’d have guessed :p).

On a serious note, Daniel is your go-to guy if you are smart and into comedy that makes sense, and if you are a heckler. Especially if you are a heckler. And if you want to check out what I am talking about you can go watch his podcasts on YouTube.

Upcoming Shows:
13th October – Chennai
14th October – Bengaluru

Things to keep in mind while attending Daniel’s show:
Must sit in the front rows if you want half of the show to be about you.
Make sure your GK is up-to-date if you want to understand his jokes and not laugh just because others are laughing.