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Sunday Soul Sante – The Prefect Blend of Exhibition And Entertainment

Hyderabad has become a favorite destination pertaining to Indian arts, handicrafts, and handlooms. Sunday Soul Sante Flea Market has served to be a right platform for talented people in arts and handicrafts to showcase their innovative products and sell them.

The daylong Flea market was more innovative with the right mix of food, music, and entertainment along with the exhibition. It was more like a carnival festival that was enjoyed by all sects of the audience. The Flea Market concept was something new to the city and got introduced early this year. The Sunday Soul Sante event is the second one this year and the organizers plan to organize this type of event in regular intervals owing to its enormous success.

Event Review - BookMyShowThe sprawling exhibition ground of Hitex Centre Hall 2 was the venue for this day-long flea market. Once you step in the venue, you are in for feeling of a festival, with more than 200 stalls.

Sunday Soul Sante was more fun with a stand-up comedy by Sandesh Johnny. It was an absolute treat to see his performance that is filled with comedy, comedy and more comedy.

The Sunday Soul Sante was more soulful with the live concert by Arpit Chourey, Three of Us and HER. They enthralled the audience with their soul-stirring music and was a feast for music lovers.

Flea Market- BookMyShowFor food lovers, there are abundant stalls that serve various cuisines like Chinese, Arabic, grills, kebabs, ice creams, even organic food and more. No wonder you can step in as early as 10 am and have both lunch and dinner savoring all the delicacies along with music, fun, and shopping.

Event Review - BookMyShowThe day-long flea market is something that you don’t want to miss it. Without any doubts, this place is where you are sure to find something for everyone. The venue for this event brought in that extra life with its ample space for food courts, music extravaganzas, shopping stalls and not to forget, the efficient car parking.

If you have missed it this time, don’t worry because you can book your tickets for the next edition here.

By Ajay Mudunuri