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Dekh Behen: Play Review – Women’s Take On The Big Fat Delhi Wedding

Presented by Akvarious Productions, Dekh Behen is a play written and directed by women with an all-female cast and crew. Set in the backdrop of an elaborate Punjabi wedding, this hilarious play is about women, by women, for anyone who wants to understand what it’s like to be a woman.

What’s Dekh Behen About

Merely hours before they perform their item number at a big fat Delhi wedding, five bridesmaids catch up as they gossip, drink, complain, and help each other out. This is a bittersweet comedy about sisters, wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers, and above all – women.

What Works

Set in a single bedroom at an Indian wedding, the play reminds you of an extended version of a fun night with the girls. Dekh Behen is a perfect amalgamation of different kinds of women with their own set of problems and pasts coming together to escape their worries. You will feel like you’re a part of the sisterhood that forms over the course of the play. Each well-developed character comes with a powerful personality that you will relate to at some level. It almost feels like you’re hearing real women on stage, possibly for the first time. With tons of laugh out loud moments, the play also manages to touch on the profound topics of societal standards, self-love, consent, and more.

What makes this play so powerful is that it holds up an amusingly packaged mirror of what it’s like to be a young female in the 21st century. 

What Could’ve Been Better

Dekh Behen isn’t a stereotypical feminist film with a happily ever after, in spite of its all-female cast. Also, the play could have made a deeper impact by focusing on certain situations longer rather than quickly switching between subjects. However, both of these aspects also make Dekh Behen all the more genuine, candid and relatable.

Why You Should Watch Dekh Behen

This light-hearted story delivers a lot of laughs while also pointing out some real-life implications. Dekh Behen is a definite must-watch for its amusing yet honest take on womanhood, sisterhood, and the big fat Indian wedding!

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